HAMSTERS (which stands for Human-centered Assessment and Modeling to Support Task Engineering for Resilient Systems) is a task modeling language with a supporting tool. It is widely inspired by existing notations and tools and takes advantages from all of them. More information is available at: http://www.irit.fr/recherches/ICS/softwares/hamsters/.

Since June 2012, ICS team is working on MARACCASS project (Models and Architectures for the Resilience and Adaptability of Collaborative Collision Avoidance System for Spacecraft). This project is funded by CNES and aims at investigating about appropriate ways to design and develop collaborative applications to manage collision avoidance between satellites and space objects. One of the main objectives is to extend HAMSTERS notation so that it can provide support for the description of collaborative activities.


The notation and tool have been used for the following contributions:

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